"ComplyAssistant’s cloud-based software solution allowed us to efficiently and effectively manage the entire compliance process, from assessment development and distribution through management of action items." --CIO, Cape Regional Health System

The idea behind GRC software is simple. Organizations cannot just focus on compliance. Instead, they must create and maintain a strategy around all three components: governance, risk AND compliance.

In fact, a Gartner report offers a more integrated, 6-pronged approach to GRC solutions, including: strategy, assessment, response, communication and reporting, monitoring, and technology.

ComplyAssistant’s GRC compliance software is your single source of truth for an integrated approach to managing security and compliance.

One Stop Shop for:

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Integrated risk management
  • Internal audit management

ComplyAssistant: A Closer Look

Audit Tool Exception Picklist With GRC Software

Perform mobile audits across your entire organization

Healthcare Compliance Management Software

Dashboards to manage by exception

Audit Trends With GRC Software

Audit trends across your entire organization

Incident Management With GRC Software

Incident management user experience

Regulation Management With GRC Software

Regulation management interface

HIPAA Compliance With GRC Software

HIPAA compliance management

C2M2 Cybersecurity With GRC Software

C2M2 cybersecurity management

Regulation Management UI From GRC Software

Simple regulation management user experience


Compliance and operational risk management strategy is a shared responsibility. It requires a top-down, governance-based approach, which should be led by senior leadership. Although, having a quarterly governance meeting with the C-suite is only the beginning.


While governance focuses on strategic guidance, compliance is directed at compliance and due diligence required for regulations and frameworks like HIPAA, NIST, HITRUST, and FFIEC, among others.


The output of governance and compliance management is risk management. What risks and vulnerabilities were uncovered? What are the highest-risk areas that need to be addressed? How are you going to mitigate those risks?

What is GRC Software?

Download the Fundamental guide to GRC Software.

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Our GRC Software Lets You:

Manage third-party vendor risk assessments
Manage any regulation or framework
Document risk areas
Manage by exception
Manage risk mitigation tasks and projects
Manage compliance and maturity levels throughout your organization
Report progress and areas of improvement to the multi-disciplinary governance committee using dashboards
Show due diligence with a single source repository for all regulation documentation

Using the right GRC software enables organizations to review the data and guide decision-making to achieve governance goals.

Customizable & Comprehensive Compliance & Risk Management Software for Healthcare

ComplyAssistant's healthcare compliance software is innovative, intuitive, and simple to use. It is built and maintained utilizing AGILE methodology, which means we are constantly upgrading, enhancing, and releasing new capabilities.

Furthermore, because our software is cloud-based, you won't have to worry about maintaining any additional local hardware or technology. Try our software today!

Regulation Management

Record compliance and risk levels for each site in your business, assign risk mitigation measures, and document compliance SOPs.

Incident Management

Document incident details thoroughly to ensure that your business follows a consistent approach each time.
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Internal Assessments

Perform location-based evaluations to elicit responses from your organization.


Stay compliant with government regulations like HIPAA and HITECH with standard and custom audit definitions.

Real time notifications

With automated, real-time email notifications, you can manage and document healthcare compliance actions in a collaborative environment.


See overdue and outstanding tasks, risk and compliance level charts, and recent activities quickly and conveniently.

Contract Management

Using a customizable task workflow architecture, define and assign contract reviews & schedule alerts for key dates.


Collaborate to maintain compliance activity, policies, contracts and project tasks with the entire team.

Flexible Regulations

Get comprehensive regulatory material for a wide range of cybersecurity regimes. You may create and publish your own rulesets for governmental regulations without updating your software.

Mobile Audits

Perform audits such as HIPAA facility audits and patient safety rounds all from mobile phones or tablets.
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Vendor Management

With predefined or bespoke external evaluations, you may easily audit your third-party business associates (BAs).
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Risk Register

Easy-to-use risk register takes you through 6 comprehensive steps of collecting and assessing threats across the organization.
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With a comprehensive collection of capabilities, you can customize our GRC software to your organization's specific requirements. All of your compliance activities may be handled and stored directly in our platform, making it simple to keep track of a wide range of papers, assessments, and reports. Try ComplyAssistant GRC today!

ComplyAssistant GRC Software For Any Compliance Regulation

Our GRC software is designed to manage any federal, state, or local compliance statute. Any of the following cybersecurity frameworks may be directly controlled in our GRC platform:


Manage HIPAA rules, processes, and operational compliance evidence.

NIST Cybersecurity Framework

Create and implement a framework in accordance with the 5 pillars of NIST's Cybersecurity Framework.


Satisfy U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) cybersecurity compliance criteria.


Answer questions about the HITRUST exam, manage tasks, maintain standards documentation, and manage maturity levels.


Handle credit card and payment account security requirements.


Cybersecurity software and services that are standardized for financial organizations

DNV GL Accreditation

Compile and arrange accreditation paperwork for hospitals and related facilities.

ISO 27001

ComplyAssistant's GRC software and expert guidance can help you manage your organization's ISO 27001 compliance.

Other security frameworks

Support any type of security framework.

Why ComplyAssistant GRC Software Solutions are unique:

Our governance risk and compliance GRC tools are purposefully engineered to simplify an extremely complex process. The old tools simply aren’t enough anymore. You need structure and standardization.

At our core, we believe in the power of a compliance-focused culture, where every department is empowered and enabled to protect information. Because of this, our goal is to standardize and document compliance and risk process across the organization, leaving no stone unturned.

ComplyAssistant’s GRC software solution is scalable, easy to use and flexible for any type of regulation or framework.

FAQs About GRC Software

  • Who uses GRC software?

    GRC software can be customized and tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of many different types of organizations. Including but not limited to, corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, energy and utilities companies, manufacturing and industrial companies, professional services firms, education institutions, and nonprofit organizations.

  • Who can benefit from using GRC risk management software?

    Most industries can enjoy benefits from using GRC compliance software — particularly healthcare. Implementing compliance and risk management is paramount to achieving compliance and lowering your organization’s risk due to fines. It also assists in protecting the privacy of your patients.

  • Is GRC software customizable for a company's specific needs?

    Yes, risk and compliance software helps you adjust your compliance program based on your specific circumstances or risk factors. With governance, risk, and compliance software, you can routinely manage your compliance based on maturity levels, specific regulations, frameworks, third-party vendor risk assessments, exceptions, and much more.

  • What are the benefits of using healthcare GRC software?

    Using governance risk and compliance software helps you reduce your organization’s risks. The healthcare industry must pay close attention to compliance, and GRC solutions allow you to automate the audit process to mitigate cyber risk. It also creates less strain on your staff.

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