MSPs and MSSPs Value ComplyAssistant As a Problem-Solving Partner.

"Kardon needed a partner we could count on to creatively solve problems. ComplyAssistant helped us customize HIPAA compliance solutions for small physician practices who don’t have the budgets and resources of large systems. Our relationship has been mutually beneficial – together we take a different approach to advise and recommend healthcare providers on improvements to their compliance processes."

Complyassistant's White Label Program Has A Variety Of Options For You And Your Clients

Are you a managed service provider (MSP) or a managed security service provider (MSSP) in need of an automated GRC software solution for your clients? If so, you’re in the right place. With dozens (or hundreds!) of clients who all want different things, you need a software solution that will standardize your business operations and organize each client’s information securely.

ComplyAssistant’s versatile white label program gives you access to our cutting-edge healthcare compliance software, with the flexibility to offer a variety of packages to your own clients.

Our Partners Include But Are Not Limited To:

How it Works

  Tiered Account Structure

With two different models, you have the ability to choose how best to manage your clients.

Single Account
Manage all of your clients from a single administrative account.

Sub Accounts
Give your clients the option to manage their own GRC programs using sub-accounts. You’ll still have consultative oversight using your administrative account.

  Multi-level Client Access

We offer three levels of secure access to our GRC software.

No Client Access
For the fully outsourced MSP. This option allows you to manage your clients’ complete compliance programs.

Limited Client Access
You retain administrative access to complete assessments and create action plans. Your clients have limited access to complete tasks and organize documentation.

Full Client Access
You can resell our solution to those clients who want 100% control.

  Branding Options

As a true white label solution, you’ll have the option to include branding where needed.

MSP Branding
Embed your own logo and information within our GRC software.

Client Branding
For your clients with limited or full access rights, their own branding can be represented on the software.

ComplyAssistant’s white label grc software is tailored to your organization’s needs, and incredibly easy to set up. Simply select an account structure, decide what levels of access to offer your customers, and determine your branding options.

Why We're Different

Regardless of how you design your white label program with ComplyAssistant, you retain complete control of your own clients. Unlike other software providers, we will not contact or market directly to your customers for any reason.

We give you the flexibility to engage with your customers in different ways. If they want to be more hands-on, great! Offering a branded sub-account is the way to go. If your customers want a turnkey outsourced solution from you, you’re covered there too. It simply doesn’t matter. We can build a white label program just for you.

The Valuable Bottom Line?

You’re more efficient and more profitable. Because our software will save you time by helping to automate compliance program activities, you can take on more clients, more projects. And that means more revenue for you.

ComplyAssistant: A Closer Look

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See The Software in Action.

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