HITRUST compliance as part of a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy

The HITRUST CSF is a commonly used security framework in healthcare, providing scoping and scoring for risk mitigation, along with a certification that healthcare organizations can use as proof of their commitment to security and compliance.

If your organization includes HITRUST compliance as part of a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy, we have a solution that can help you manage HITRUST and all other regulations.

Manage HITRUST compliance with ease

Did you know there are thousands of line items in the HITRUST CSF’s scoping? And that each line item deemed applicable to your organization needs to be reviewed according to the entire rule? Reviewing each line item manually is just not feasible. You need a simple, easy-to-use software that helps you manage all that detail. Not one that is slow, bulky and difficult to use.

With ComplyAssistant’s healthcare compliance software, you can easily plan for and address the HITRUST requirements scoped to your organization. Using the requirements from HITRUST’s scoping for your organization, we translate each line item from HITRUST, automatically filtering them down into an intuitive action plan for your organization.

manage risk with hitrust compliance software

Our HITRUST compliance solution includes:

  • Risk analysis, completed by our healthcare cybersecurity consultants, based on HITRUST requirements
  • Risk management
  • Documentation management
  • Task management
  • Dashboards and summaries

manage risk with hitrust compliance software

If you choose to attest in the HITRUST MyCSF tool, we will provide a report of all your HITRUST compliance data from ComplyAssistant that can be entered into MyCSF.

If you choose not to attest directly with HITRUST, ComplyAssistant can still work for you. Since our software includes the entire HITRUST rule, you can easily manage HITRUST compliance and perform your own internal attestation. Using HITRUST’s scoring method, ComplyAssistant will provide a standard score across five domains, including:

  • Policy
  • Procedure/Process
  • Implementation/Evidence
  • Measured
  • Managed

One solution for all frameworks and regulations

We believe that HITRUST compliance is just one part of a more comprehensive – and more complex – risk mitigation strategy.

What are the benefits of using ComplyAssistant’s healthcare compliance software to support your HITRUST compliance efforts? We provide an alternative to the HITRUST attestation process that can be viewed and managed right alongside any other regulation your organization manages – supporting a more comprehensive compliance and risk mitigation strategy.

With ComplyAssistant, everything is in a single, user-friendly software. No need to toggle back and forth between different systems, or try to remember where documents are stored. Your entire compliance management program is in one location, one system.

And, we can help you along the way. Our seasoned healthcare cybersecurity consultants are here to assist with HITRUST compliance and any other regulation for your organization.

ComplyAssistant’s HITRUST compliance solution is scoped to your organization’s needs.

The way our due diligence documentation is organized in ComplyAssistant has made this complex project easier to manage.

--ARRA Meaningful Use Project Manager, St. Joseph’s Health
St. Joseph's Health

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