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ISO 27001 compliance defines the requirements for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS). Suitable for a variety of use cases, the ISO 27001 security framework is designed to work within the broader context of any organization's overall business risks.

Generally, an organization’s strategy for ISO 27001 compliance should include how the organization will handle documentation, management, internal audits, continual improvement, corrective actions and preventive measures. However, the ISO security framework can also be used as guidance to help organizations:

  • Develop security requirements and objectives.
  • Manage costs related to security risks.
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Implement and manage defined security controls.
  • Identify, define and administer processes for information security management.
  • Audit compliance with policies, controls and procedures as defined by the organization.
  • Implement an information security management strategy that enables the business.

6 steps to managing ISO 27001 compliance at your organization

To achieve ISO 27001 compliance, the framework specifies that security requirements should be customized to the needs of the organization using a top-down, risk-based, technology-neutral approach. We recommend using a GRC software solution like ComplyAssistant to manage the six-part planning process for ISO 27001 compliance.

ISO 27001 workflow

1) Define a security policy.

Your security policy should include administrative, technical and physical safeguards regarding your ISMS strategy, along with how you will assess and mitigate risks. Using ComplyAssistant’s GRC software, you can house all of this documentation in a single, easy-to-access location.

2) Define the scope of the information security management system.

What will your ISMS cover? And more important, what will it not cover? Does it include affiliate locations and third-party vendors? What are the provisions for privacy and security? All of these questions and more should be included in your scope document, which can also be housed in a single source of truth, directly within ComplyAssistant’s GRC software.

3) Conduct risk assessments.

Using our healthcare compliance software, conduct complete risk assessments for both internal and external systems based on the ISO framework. You’ll be able to identify and rate each component based on risk level, including high-, medium- and low-risk areas.

4) Manage identified risks.

Using the results from your risk assessments, you can manage areas internally and externally. We recommend beginning with mitigation efforts on the items rated with the highest risk and working your way down. Our compliance software flags high- and medium-risk areas for ISO 27001 compliance to make it easier to manage.

5) Select control objectives and controls to be implemented.

Your ISMS strategy will likely have dozens of control objectives and associated measurable controls that need to be documented and tracked. Managing all the detail in this area of ISO 27001 compliance can be daunting. Our healthcare compliance software is an easy-to-use project management solution, helping you manage all controls in one place.

6) Prepare a statement of applicability.

Your statement of applicability is the complete documentation of the controls your organization has deemed necessary, along with justification for including (or excluding) the controls; this is mandatory documentation required for ISO 27001 compliance and would be submitted to any external auditors. It is essential to also include this final documentation with all other evidence within your GRC solution.

Consultants to help you along the way

While the ISO 27001 security framework is designed for any type or size of organization, you may also need a guide to help you through the process. At ComplyAssistant, our healthcare cybersecurity consulting team can help you implement a full ISO 27001 compliance strategy.

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