User-Friendly HIPAA Compliance Software To Manage Your Program

HIPAA compliance is a long-term and extremely complex process. There’s no simple fix. And, it’s nearly impossible without smart HIPAA compliance software. It takes commitment, organization and a proactive approach

How do you manage your HIPAA compliance program? Do you struggle to stay on top of your risk and HIPAA compliance status? As HIPAA compliance software vendors, our technology and consulting solutions will help you prepare for government audits and reduce risk.

Our Complete 7-point Approach To HIPAA Compliance

1) Risk Analysis

Reduce the chances of a data breach for all covered entities and business associates. Our HIPAA compliance software will walk you through a complete risk analysis, both for your organization and for third-party vendors.

The software provides options to rate risk, and allows you to add comments that explain or clarify the choice of rating. You, or our healthcare cybersecurity consultants, can then identify areas of low, medium and high risk, based on interaction with protected health information (PHI).

Risk Analysis With HIPPA Compliance Software

2) HIPAA Risk Management

Once you’ve identified levels of risk, you can begin to analyze and manage each area throughout your entire organization and with third-party vendors.

Our HIPAA compliance software will flag high- and medium-risk areas, guiding you through the process to put proper protocols in place.

HIPAA Risk Management With HIPPA Compliance Software

3) Documentation Management

Correct HIPAA compliance requires diligent organization of documents. Are you keeping your documents in a binder? In your email? In a stack on your desk? What happens if and when someone leaves your team? Are those documents lost or hidden somewhere?

You need one place, one source of truth. For every policy and procedure, plan and operational evidence, our HIPAA software allows you to keep track of your documentation in relation to key HIPAA standards.

Documentation Management

4) Contract Management

For every third-party vendor, there’s a contract. For most healthcare organizations, this could mean hundreds of contract documents. To most effectively manage HIPAA compliance, you need an easy, organized way to house, manage and update contracts. This is not an easy process when contracts are scattered throughout various departments!

ComplyAssistant’s HIPAA compliance software keeps track of every single contract, which department it belongs to, start and end dates, and status of when they need to be reviewed.

 HIPPA Compliance Software Vendors

5) Event Management

What happens if and when a security event occurs at your organization? How is it reported? How is it tracked?

For every issue, incident and complaint, you’ll complete a questionnaire directly in our HIPAA compliance software. The software will then analyze the results to determine if you’ve had a breach, and will provide guidance on the proper steps to take moving forward if needed.

HIPAA Compliance Event Management

6) Task Management

A strong HIPAA compliance program requires airtight project management. ComplyAssistant’s HIPAA compliance software does all that work for you. You’ll be able to manage each and every task, across various teams, throughout your entire enterprise. Using alerts and notifications, our software guides you through each step, giving you progress as each item is completed.

Task Management With HIPAA Software Compliance

7) Dashboard Summary

Analysis and reporting is an imperative step in your HIPAA compliance program. As HIPAA compliance software vendors, we provide a user-friendly dashboard for viewing risk based on management by exception.

HIPAA Compliance Software Dashboard

We’re More Than Just Software

While you can manage your HIPAA compliance program using our software on your own, it never hurts to have someone by your side to help. Our HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification rule experts provide consulting services to guide you through building and maintaining a sound HIPAA compliance program. Coupled with our innovative healthcare cybersecurity consulting, our HIPAA compliance software is a comprehensive and easy-to-manage solution.

Our HIPAA Compliance Software Makes Complex Projects Easier.

"The way our due diligence documentation is organized in ComplyAssistant has made this complex project easier to manage."

--ARRA Meaningful Use Project Manager, St. Joseph’s Health

St. Joseph's Health

FAQs About HIPAA Compliance Software

  • What is a HIPAA risk assessment?

    A HIPAA risk assessment refers to the process of evaluating potential risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information (PHI) in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

  • Why is HIPAA compliance software important for healthcare organizations?

    HIPAA compliance software is important for healthcare organizations as it simplifies compliance management, ensures adherence to HIPAA requirements, mitigates risks, improves data security, facilitates audits and reporting, and helps organizations stay up to date with regulatory changes.

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