MSPs and MSSPs value ComplyAssistant as a problem-solving partner.

"Kardon needed a partner we could count on to creatively solve problems. ComplyAssistant helped us customize HIPAA compliance solutions for small physician practices who don’t have the budgets and resources of large systems. Our relationship has been mutually beneficial – together we take a different approach to advise and recommend healthcare providers on improvements to their compliance processes."

Our White Label MSSP software can help your organization thrive with a robust set of software offerings

Managed security service providers (MSSP) do a great job managing organizations’ various security devices and systems. There are lots of ways MSSPs can offer support and provide assistance that ultimately reduce the costs and frustration of relying on an internal cybersecurity team.

If you're an MSSP and have been for any length of time, you know the challenges associated with making sure your technology solutions are up to date for your clients. Fortunately, our team is well-versed on the ever-changing Information Technology (IT) landscape and has Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software available for white labeling to MSSPs. This allows your team the freedom to market the product to your clients directly, as well as the added bonus of making sure your customers have the best technology needed to be successful.

Here's why your organization might need MSSP White Label Software:

You don’t have a licensed tool.

It’s no secret that the IT world has changed dramatically, especially since COVID-19 turned life as we know it upside down. With more remote workers than ever before and many offices going virtual, a high volume of cybersecurity threats are being realized, leaving CIOs and CISOs in a tight space.

As a MSSP, you owe it to your clients to help them stay protected against risk (after all, security is in the name!). Our information, privacy and cybersecurity frameworks are licensed and ready at your disposal.

You want your name and our solution.

Our GRC software is ready for your MSSP organization to use, regardless of your company size; large, small, or somewhere in-between. If you’ve been looking for an automated approach to any variety of compliance issues, working with us is a great place to start.

Our team will work with you to find the solution you need, and from there we will help you to white label the product under your organization’s name. We keep this process fairly seamless for a reason—it’s easier for you to navigate and your clients don’t know the difference.

You desire flexibility.

Many MSSPs who work with us are often blown away by the flexibility that our tools offer. You have the ability to set up permissions, functions, categories, project templates, frameworks and more all from your dashboard. We did this by design because there is no one who knows the customer better than you, their dedicated subject matter expert (SME). Giving you these flexible controls makes for a more efficient and smooth process.

During your initial consult with our team, we’ll walk you through the software and make sure you’re up-to-speed before you begin training your clients. Any questions or specific parameters that you want to implement will be addressed at this time.

ComplyAssistant: A Closer Look

Audit Tool Exception Picklist With GRC Software

Perform mobile audits across your entire organization

Healthcare Compliance Management Software

Dashboards to manage by exception

Audit Trends With GRC Software

Audit trends across your entire organization

Incident Management With GRC Software

Incident management user experience

Regulation Management With GRC Software

Regulation management interface

HIPAA Compliance With GRC Software

HIPAA compliance management

C2M2 Cybersecurity With GRC Software

C2M2 cybersecurity management

Regulation Management UI From GRC Software

Simple regulation management user experience

Ready to get started?

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